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Mist Elimination, Coalescing & Air Filtration

Losma's centrifugal mist collectors capture more than 99% of oil and coolant mists from machining centres and returns the liquid back to the machine's sump.  Pre-filters, after-filters and Hepa filters can be added for difficult applications.  One unit can often handle multiple machines and operating costs are very low.

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Additional Separation Products

  • belt and tube oil skimmers

  • inclined plate coalescers

  • portable tramp oil separators

  • replacement demister pads for all stacks and scrubbers

  • oil absorbing cartridges and filter bags


Additional Air Quality Products Sold
In addition to the above products we can provide the following products custom sized for each application.

  • dust collectors

  • electrostatic precipitators

  • down draft tables

  • wet wash collectors

  • carbon and odor control systems

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Air Filters Sold

  • cardboard frame poly, fiberglass and pleated

  • all sizes of steel framed air filters

  • Hepa filters

  • poly media in various roll widths

  • dust collector cartridges for all brands

"We have replacement air, oil and separation cartridges for all major compressor brands."